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Welcome to our Ramona valley vineyard, planted with blood, sweat and tears where the roots run deep. Where the grapevines are nurtured from bud break to harvest. Our front vineyard was the first vineyard we replanted after the 2007 Witch Creek Fire. This vineyard has the rows planted in an East to West direction. This gives our grapes desirable ventilation as the trade winds blow off of the Pacific Ocean to the East.


Our hillside vineyard is planted in the same East –West orientation and benefits from the trade winds, as well as a gentle slope for good drainage. The Ramona soil on Turtle Rock Ridge is nearly level to moderately steep. Some of our vineyards are on terraces and range in elevations between 1750-1850 feet altitude. The soil is formed from alluvium derived mostly from granite and related rock sources. The climate is dry with warm dry summers and cool moist winters.

Our annual precipitation can range from 10 to 20 inches per year. An average January temperature is 50 degrees F and an average July temperature is about 70 degrees. The frost-free season is 230 to 320 days. We have a minimum of 277 days of sunshine, which is ideal for growing premium wine grapes. The climate and terrior at Turtle Rock Ridge is ideal for producing premium wines.

a glass of red wine and a glass of white wine with a bottle of wine in the middle
vase with yellow and pink flowers next to a glass of wine
a green 5 gallon bucket full of purple grapes
vase with flower steps and corks floating in water
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