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See Our Vineyard

See Our Vineyard

Learn about our processes and see our vineyard as you sip a glass of wine.

Barrel Room Tour at Turtle Rock Ridge Winery in Ramona CA

Our grapevines are nurtured from bud break to harvest. The front vineyard was the first vineyard replanted after the 2007 Witch Creek Fire. This vineyard has rows planted in an east-to-west direction giving our grapes desirable ventilation as the trade winds blow off of the Pacific Ocean to the East.

Our soil is nearly level to moderately steep. Some of our vineyards are on terraces and range in elevation between 1750-1850 feet altitude. The soil is formed from alluvium derived mostly from granite and related rock sources. The climate is dry with warm dry summers and cool moist winters.

Our annual precipitation can range from 10 to 20 inches per year. An average January temperature is 50 degrees F and an average July temperature is about 70 degrees. The frost-free season is 230 to 320 days. We have a minimum of 277 days of sunshine, which is ideal for growing premium wine grapes.

The climate and terroir at Turtle Rock Ridge is ideal for producing premium wines.  We invite you to see our barrel room and learn how we make Turtle Rock Ridge wines. Email Laurie to schedule your tour today,

What Our Members Say

One of the most beautiful entrances into a winery that I’ve ever seen. This winery has a lot of character, inside and out. The name reflects the scenery around you. The pourers were very friendly and helpful during my group’s tasting. This was our first stop on my birthday wine tasting weekend and it did not disappoint! I just wish we could have stayed longer- there was a large outdoor patio with tables, umbrellas, and panoramic views of the surrounding foothills. Bring a packed picnic lunch to extend your stay, you won’t regret it. This is one of a few wineries in Ramona that I recommend to friends and family. They have seasonal slushies and sangria (the peach jalapeno flavor was amazing). I will definitely be back for more of that sangria!

Morgan T

I visited the Turtle Rock Vineyard & Winery for the first time today. First of all, being an avid chocolate lover, I am in love with the chocolate wine. It actually became richer and deeper as I slowly savored it. The ambiance is marvelous with the view of the Ramona Valley. And for me one of the best things is that it is not a huge commercial winery. Intimate and tranquil. A place to get away from the everyday “stuff”.It’s especially nice when you can enjoy with someone you love. The hosts, Ian and Laurie make you feel as though you are a part of the family and their passion for the vineyards comes through in the way they treat their guests. Can’t wait to visit again.

Jessica R