Ramona Valley Vineyard Association

Affirming that premium quality wines begin in the vineyard, and recognizing Ramona Valley as a premier wine region, the mission of the Ramona Valley Vineyard Association is to educate wine grape growers in the Ramona Valley American Viticultural Area (AVA) for the successful, sustainable and profitable production, promotion and marketing of quality wine grapes to AVA winemakers.

San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1870 by Alonzo Horton with the mission to guide in the development of San Diego. At the time, the Chamber focused its efforts on several main priorities: bringing railroads into San Diego; encouraging settlement in the area; bringing fresh drinking water to residents; and supporting commerce in the harbor. Today, the Chamber is the largest nonprofit advocate for the San Diego regional business community. With nearly 3,000 members representing 400,000 employees, the Chamber is actively involved in local government, regional economic development and providing valuable resources to its members.

San Diego County Vintner’s Association

The San Diego Vintners, Association established in 1989, an organization made up of San Diego Winemakers and Grape Growers as well as Wine Enthusiasts who support San Diego Wineries. Established in 1898, the organization is a non-profit association dedicated to supporting the San Diego viticulture and winemaking community, educating the local wine enthusiast and embracing sustainable agricultural practices in the county.

San Diego County Farm Bureau

The San Diego County Farm Bureau is a non-profit organization supported solely by more than 5,000 dues-paying members. There are 53 county Farm Bureaus in California. Established in 1913, the San Diego County Farm Bureau serves the needs of the agriculture community in accordance with its Mission Statement: “The mission of the Farm Bureau of San Diego County is to represent San Diego agriculture through public relations, education, and public policy advocacy in order to promote the economic viability of agriculture balanced with appropriate management of natural resources.”